Hilft Dir dabei, Deine BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN Website zu optimieren https://green-spider.netzbegruenung.de/
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Provides the spider functionality (website checks).
import argparse
import json
import logging
import re
import statistics
import time
from datetime import datetime
from pprint import pprint
from google.api_core.exceptions import InvalidArgument
from google.cloud import datastore
import checks
import config
import manager
import rating
def check_and_rate_site(entry):
Performs our site checks, calculates the score
and returns results as a dict.
# all the info we'll return for the site
result = {
# input_url: The URL we derived all checks from
'input_url': entry['url'],
# Meta: Regional and type metadata for the site
'meta': {
'type': entry.get('type'),
'level': entry.get('level'),
'state': entry.get('state'),
'district': entry.get('district'),
'city': entry.get('city'),
# checks: Results from our checks
'checks': {},
# The actual report scoring criteria
'rating': {},
# resulting score
'score': 0.0,
# Results from our next generation checkers
result['checks'] = checks.perform_checks(entry['url'])
result['rating'] = rating.calculate_rating(result['checks'])
# Overall score is the sum of the individual scores
for key in result['rating']:
result['score'] += result['rating'][key]['score']
# Remove bigger result portions to safe some storage:
# - HTML page content
# - Hyperlinks
# - Performnance log
for url in result['checks']['page_content']:
del result['checks']['page_content'][url]['content']
for url in result['checks']['load_in_browser']:
del result['checks']['load_in_browser'][url]['performance_log']
del result['checks']['hyperlinks']
return result
def test_url(url):
Run the spider for a single URL and print the result.
Doesn't write anything to the database.
logging.info("Crawling URL %s", url)
# mock job
job = {
"url": url,
result = check_and_rate_site(entry=job)
def execute_single_job(datastore_client, job, entity_kind):
Executes spider for one single job
logging.info("Starting job %s", job["url"])
result = check_and_rate_site(entry=job)
logging.debug("Full JSON representation of returned result: %s", json.dumps(result, default=str))
logging.info("Job %s finished checks", job["url"])
logging.info("Job %s writing to DB", job["url"])
key = datastore_client.key(entity_kind, job["url"])
entity = datastore.Entity(key=key)
record = {
'created': datetime.utcnow(),
'meta': result['meta'],
'checks': result['checks'],
'rating': result['rating'],
'score': result['score'],
logging.debug("Successfully wrote record to database")
except InvalidArgument as ex:
logging.error("Could not write result: %s", ex)
except Exception as ex:
logging.error("Could not write result: %s", ex)
def work_of_queue(datastore_client, entity_kind):
Take job from queue and finish it until there are no more jobs
while True:
job = manager.get_job_from_queue(datastore_client)
if job is None:
logging.info("No more jobs. Exiting.")
execute_single_job(datastore_client, job, entity_kind)
def validate_job(jobdict):
if "url" not in jobdict:
raise Exception("Job does not have required 'url' attribute")