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The checks module contains the functionality to get information and test certain
functionality of a site or individual pages.
import logging
from checks import certificate
from checks import charset
from checks import dns_resolution
from checks import domain_variations
from checks import duplicate_content
from checks import frameset
from checks import generator
from checks import html_head
from checks import http_and_https
from checks import hyperlinks
from checks import load_favicons
from checks import load_feeds
from checks import load_in_browser
from checks import page_content
from checks import url_canonicalization
from checks import url_reachability
from checks.config import Config
def perform_checks(input_url):
Executes all our URL/site checks and returns a big-ass result dict.
# The sequence of checks to run. Order is important!
# Checks which expand the URLs list must come first.
# After that, dependencies (encoded in the checks) have to be fulfilled.
check_modules = [
('domain_variations', domain_variations),
('http_and_https', http_and_https),
('dns_resolution', dns_resolution),
('url_reachability', url_reachability),
('certificate', certificate),
('url_canonicalization', url_canonicalization),
('page_content', page_content),
('duplicate_content', duplicate_content),
('charset', charset),
('html_head', html_head),
('frameset', frameset),
('hyperlinks', hyperlinks),
('generator', generator),
('load_favicons', load_favicons),
('load_feeds', load_feeds),
('load_in_browser', load_in_browser),
results = {}
# Set screenshot_bucket_name and storage_credentials_path
# based on flags.
config = Config(urls=[input_url],
user_agent='Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_13_6) ' +
'AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/69.0.3497.100 ' +
'Safari/537.36 green-spider/0.2',
# Iterate over all checks.
for check_name, check in check_modules:
# checker is the individual test/assertion handler we instantiate
# for each check step.
checker = check.Checker(config=config,
# Ensure that dependencies are met for the checker.
dependencies = checker.depends_on_results()
if dependencies != []:
for dep in dependencies:
if (dep not in results or results[dep] is None or results[dep] == {} or results[dep] == []):
logging.debug("Skipping check %s as dependency %s is not met" % (check_name, dep))
# Execute the checker's main function.
result =
results[check_name] = result
# Execute any cleanup/aftermath function (if given) for the checker.
modified_results = checker.post_hook(result)
if modified_results is not None:
results[check_name] = modified_results
# Update config for the next check(s) in the sequence.
config = checker.config
logging.debug("config after check %s: %r" % (check_name, config))
return results