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class AbstractChecker(object):
Our blueprint for checks
def __init__(self, config, previous_results=None):
self._config = config
# A dictionary of results from previous checkers.
# Key is the name of the checker that has generated the result.
self._previous_results = previous_results
def depends_on_results(self):
Should return the name(s) of checks this one depends on.
Empty list means this check has no prerequisites.
return []
def run(self):
"""Executes the check routine, returns result dict"""
raise NotImplementedError()
def post_hook(self, result):
Optional function to execute after run(). Can be used to post-process
results data. Should be defined by the implementing checker.
result: Result data from the run() function.
Dict: Modified results data
None: Means that nothing has been done, so should be ignored.
return None
def config(self):
return self._config
def previous_results(self):
return self._previous_results