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Jitsi Meet Electron

Electron application for Jitsi Meet.


You can change the Jitsi Meet deployment domain with the jitsiMeetDomain property from config.js

Building the sources

npm install

Working with the jitsi-meet-electron-utils sources

By default the jitsi-meet-electron-utils is build from its git repository sources. The default dependency path in package.json is :

"jitsi-meet-electron-utils": "jitsi/jitsi-meet-electron-utils"

To work with local copy you must change the path to:

"jitsi-meet-electron-utils": "file:///Users/name/jitsi-meet-electron-utils-copy",

To make the project you must force it to take the sources as npm update will not do it.

npm install jitsi-meet-electron-utils --force

NOTE: Also check jitsi-meet-electron-utils's README to see how to configure your environment.

Statring the application

npm start


Please use the Jitsi dev mailing list to discuss feature requests before opening an issue on Github.