Wahl-o-Mat für Personalwahlen https://kandimat.netzbegruenung.verdigado.net/
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Kandimat - Wahl-o-Mat fuer Personalwahlen


The kandimat is a Wahl-o-Mat for elections of candidates.


The project consists of three services:

  • GraphQL backend (+ postgres)
  • Redaktions-App
  • User-App


The Redaktions-App is used for editors and candidates to provide questions and answers.

The app is written with react and appollo-react to access the backend.

See also: Service Readme


The User-App is based on the EuroMat (Source: https://github.com/morkro/euromat) and is used to find the perfect candidate for everyone who is allowed to vote.

It is written in vue.js.

See also: Service Readme

Postgraphile (Backend)

A package which creates an GraphQL api based on an underlying postgres schema.

For more on this (e.g. how to use the graphQl api by yourself) see backend readme

Development Setup

Check-out repository

  • Install git
  • git clone https://git.verdigado.com/Netzbegruenung/kandimat.git
  • To get the (external) user-app source:
    git submodule update --init

Setup Docker

Install docker-compose on your system.

Start whole setup

For dev setup:

docker-compose up

Note: The database will use a volume to persist changes in-between runs. To start with a clean database, either delete the volume from the postgres configuration in the compose file or run

docker container rm kandimat_postgres_1
docker volume rm kandimat_db-data

before starting docker-compose.

Manual testing

Either go to the User-App and mess around with the existing test data or use GraphiQL directly (links are above).