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style('user_saml', 'personal');
script('user_saml', [
/** @var array $_ */
<div id="user-saml-apppasswords" class="section">
<h2><?php p($l->t('App passwords'));?></h2>
<span class="hidden-when-empty"><?php p($l->t("You've linked these apps."));?></span>
<thead class="hidden-when-empty">
<th><?php p($l->t('Name'));?></th>
<tbody class="token-list icon-loading">
<p><?php p($l->t('An app password is a passcode that gives an app or device permissions to access your %s account.', [$theme->getName()]));?></p>
<div id="user-saml-app-password-form">
<input id="user-saml-app-password-name" type="text" placeholder="<?php p($l->t('App name')); ?>">
<button id="user-saml-add-app-password" class="button"><?php p($l->t('Create new app password')); ?></button>
<div id="user-saml-app-password-result" class="hidden">
<span><?php p($l->t('Use the credentials below to configure your app or device.')); ?></span>
<div class="user-saml-app-password-row">
<span class="user-saml-app-password-label"><?php p($l->t('Password')); ?></span>
<input id="user-saml-new-app-password" type="text" readonly="readonly"/>
<button id="user-saml-app-password-hide" class="button"><?php p($l->t('Done')); ?></button>