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Arthur Schiwon fae25fa4ab
fix signining in with IdPs other than 1
Signed-off-by: Arthur Schiwon <>
9 months ago
AppInfo Import jstz.min.js from jstimezonedetect 1.0.7 1 year ago
Command Minor fixes 1 year ago
Controller fix signining in with IdPs other than 1 9 months ago
Db Minor fixes 1 year ago
Exceptions Add support for environment variable login 7 years ago
Middleware cs:fix 2 years ago
Migration also migrate sp-x509cert, sp-name-id-format, sp-privateKey 1 year ago
Settings Fix displaying of global checkboxes in user_saml settings 1 year ago
DavPlugin.php Minor fixes 1 year ago
SAMLSettings.php makes sloWebServerDecode IdP-sensitive as it should be 1 year ago
UserBackend.php Cover UserChangedEvent in unit tests 1 year ago
UserData.php Add regex routes requirement to providerId 1 year ago
UserResolver.php cs:fix 2 years ago